Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i 1800
Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i 1800 rpm chosen

Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i 1800 rpm

Input power: 55.1 kW


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Electric inboard Deep Blue 50i 1800 rpm with an output of 50 kW, equivalent to an 80 HP engine. The Torqeedo shaft system is particularly powerful and safe. The components from Torqeedo are perfectly matched.

technical details

Input power

55.1 kW

comparable performance

80 PS


no shaft

propulsion power

32.4 kW


345 V

rotations per minute

1800 rpm


80 kg

Noise level

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board computer with digital display

Speed control


saltwater resistant






Safety thanks to the Deep Blue 50i wave system

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    A modern touch screen display onboard your boat ensures the optimal performance of your Deep Blue electric motor. This includes a GPS with information on range, speed and battery status.

  • +

    The Deep Blue 50i is protected against corrosion during intensive use in saltwater.

  • +

    Also long-term safe from possible driving bans on the water.

  • +

    Motor and battery are completely waterproof.

  • +

    A clean affair: With the Deep Blue model, no matter how you store the engine, you have the advantage that nothing leaks and no unpleasant smell of gasoline.

  • +

    The battery capacity of the Deep Blue is guaranteed for 9 years.

Deep Blue 50i

Deep Blue 50i wave system - comfortable operation

  • +

    Is comparable to an 80 HP gasoline inboard, only much more environmentally friendly, quieter, lighter and more comfortable

  • +

    The installation is always carried out by a specialist since the systems run in the high-voltage range.

  • +

    Manageable maintenance effort compared to engines powered by fossil fuels.

  • +

    The infinitely variable speed control ensures efficient power consumption.

  • +

    66 kW peak power available at short notice.

Torqeedo Deep Blue inboarder

Technical features of the Deep Blue 50i wave system

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    Available in 3 different shaft lengths (30, 35 or 40 mm)

  • +

    2 years manufacturer warranty on the system for private use and 9 years warranty on the battery bank

  • The Deep Blue 50i is in contrast to the Travel 1103 not completely silent. The transmission produces a slight whistling sound. The engine is nevertheless significantly quieter than combustion engines.

  • +

    The remaining capacity of the battery is still 80% after 9 years of use, even with daily use.

  • Scope of delivery: Deep Blue 50i inboard consisting of engine incl. engine electronics, homokinetic joint, cooling pump (high voltage battery not included)

Torqeedo Inboard motor

Range Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i 1800 rpm

Travel time and range of the Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i 1800 rpm depending on the boat and battery. In an example with the Deep Blue 50i and a 40 kWh i3 type battery from Torqeedo, the following measured values were obtained:

  • If you plan longer and more comfortable tours on the water, you will even get a lot further with less power. With 1/4 of the power, a speed of 7.5 km/h was reached for 7 - 25 hours. All in all a range of 58 - 189 km (31 - 102 nautical miles). And that with only one battery charge.

new york

Information about the battery bank of the Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i

Torqeedo offers two different battery models. On the one hand, the 40-kWh battery of the type BMW i3. This is the ultimate energy source with high safety standards from the industrial production of the automotive industry.

On the other hand, the 10 kWh battery of type i8 from BMW. This takes up considerably less space and offers a high degree of flexibility for small boats.

Both have a 9-year manufacturer's warranty and proven long service life for electric motorboats.
15 ps

The Deep Blue multifunctional display

The Deep Blue multifunctional display gives a clear overview of the system and all functions. The user interface is light and intuitive via touchscreen. The software prevents errors such as deep discharge and allows full concentration on the driving experience.

The user interface is adapted to the corresponding boot type. From the main menu, it is easy to navigate to the drive with speed display, consumption and battery level or range.
minn kota

Accessories from Torqeedo for your Deep Blue 50i

  • The free map app in combination with the Bluetooth adapter TorqTrac offers optimal handling on the water.

  • Solar charging even possible while driving

  • There are various optional chargers and a range of spare parts just in case.

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When is it worth switching to the Deep Blue?

Even at 4,600 euros fuel costs per year, the switch to an electric version can be worthwhile for you.

Do your fuel costs amount to more than 4,600 EUR per year? Then a change to the Deep Blue should already pay off for you today.

With the Deep Blue you will definitely be spared the expected increases in fuel prices. And at the same time you are setting an example: for economic reasons, for consideration of nature with a clean, quiet and environmentally-friendly driving style.
Deep Blue Torqeedo

The shaft systems of the manufacturer Torqeedo

Torqeedo is German manufacturer and market leader in the field of electric boat drives. The idea for Torqeedo was born on Lake Starnberg due to bans on combustion engines. Boat motors with electric drives, on the other hand, can be used without any worries.

At Torqeedo, special emphasis is placed on simple handling and safety. Electromobility on the water is also ideally suited for beginners to boating. The motors and batteries convince with high efficiency as well as technical refinements such as the integrated onboard system. The manufacturer Torqeedo covers everything from the Ultralight 403 for kayaks to 140 HP motors for yachts, pod motors for sailing boats or hybrid systems.
torqeedo travel 1003

Innovations made in Germany

The company is responsible for many innovations within the industry, such as the battery of the electric car BMW i3, which was made seaworthy in cooperation with BMW. Recently, Torqeedo has also added several models of electric boat motors with direct drive to its product range, which promises silent driving pleasure.

Torqeedo was founded in 2005 and has been part of Deutz AG, a manufacturer of electric motor machines, since 2017. The company, based in Gilching near Munich, distributes Torqeedo products internationally and has an extensive service network. By the way, Torqeedo is made up of the English words torque and speed.
torqeedo deep blue

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