ePropulsion Pod 3.0 EVO
ePropulsion POD 3.0 EVO - with recuperation! chosen
ePropulsion POD 3.0 EVO - with recuperation!1ePropulsion POD 3.0 EVO - with recuperation!2ePropulsion POD 3.0 EVO - with recuperation!3ePropulsion POD 3.0 EVO - with recuperation!4

ePropulsion POD 3.0 EVO - with recuperation!

Input power: 3 kW




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product description

Pod motor for sailboats with 3 kW power, suitable for sailboats up to circa 3000 kg displacement. The motor with remote control from ePropulsion is compatible with all 48 V ePropulsion batteries. Comparable to a 6 hp gasoline engine. The remote control has an on-board computer with display and GPS. The special feature of the EVO is the recuperation capability.

Until 28.02.2023, the EVO Remote is included free with the purchase of a new Pod 3.0 EVO / Pod 6.0 EVO + E-Series batteries. The side throttle is not included in the action.

technical details

Input power

3 kW

comparable performance

6 PS

propulsion power

1.5 kW


132.6 lbs


48 V

rotations per minute

2300 rpm


15.3 kg


55 dB

Noise level

almost silent


board computer with digital display



Speed control


saltwater resistant







no shaft

kill switch


Scope of delivery Pod 3.0 EVO

  • The price is for the engine. In addition, you need batteries (at least 2x E40 or 1x E80), charger and controller (see picture). There are also optional accessories (cables, switches) that is a good addition depending on the boat..

  • The best way to get a detailed overview is to use our configurator (assemble package).

The EVO-lution - Changes to the Pod Drive 3.0 at a glance

  • +

    All new EVO models have recuperation function and can be connected to the new security bracelet.

  • On request, folding and rotary blade propellers can now also be supplied. Please contact us about this!

  • +

    All new EVO models are recuperation capable (restore power under sail > 5 knots) and can be connected to the new backup wrist strap..

  • Please order in time before the start of the season - experience shows that the engines are quickly sold out after the turn of the year!

Recuperation Podmotor ePropulsion EVO

Safety with the ePropulsion Pod Drive 3.0 EVO motor

  • +

    Emergency stop magnetic chip on the remote control - when removed from the throttle, the electric motor stops immediately.

  • +

    An integrated LCD display provides accurate battery and runtime information.

  • +

    Battery alarm: An acoustic warning signal informs you of a low battery status

  • +

    The pod propulsion system is perfect for motorboats, sailboats and daysailers.

  • +

    Housing and connector are waterproof to IP 67.

  • +

    An integrated protection mechanism stops the motor or reduces the speed if the Pod 3.0 EVO encounters resistance underwater.

Battery from ePropulsion

Pod motor for sailboats - comfort in operation

  • +

    Stepless speed control using Bluetooth wireless control. One press is enough to start the electrically driven motor.

  • +

    Control is possible forwards and backwards thanks to the convenient remote control. The communication runs via an integrated 3.5-inch compact module.

  • +

    Alternatively, a side-mounted control lever with a separate display is available.

  • The installation should be carried out by a boat specialist.

ePropulsion pod motor 3 kW

Technical features of the Drive 3.0 pod motor

  • +

    Very low noise - under 60dB! The electric motor is therefore significantly quieter than combustion engines.

  • +

    Maintenance-free for life. The drives are designed for continuous use under water. Only the anodes need to be checked annually.

  • +

    The lithium batteries take up little space inside the sailboat.

  • Thanks to the high efficiency of the high-quality brushless DC motor, the motor achieves an overall efficiency of 50%.

Electric flange motor

ePropulsion 3 kW pod motor - battery range

Driving time and range depend on the battery, boat and usage. In an example with a 24-foot (7.3 m) sailboat and a 4.1 kWh E80 battery, we got the following readings:

  • Under full load, the Pod 3.0 Evo cruises for 1:20 h and reaches a speed of 11.6 km/h (11.6 mph). The range was 15.6 km.

  • At 1/2 power, the driving pleasure lasts for a 3 to 4-hour trip on the water. In the test, we were able to achieve a range of 23.6 km at a speed of 8.7 km/h.

  • Who plans longer and more leisurely tours on the water, comes with less power still significantly further. At 1/6 of the power (500 W), we could still drive at 6.4 km / h for 7.5 hours. This resulted in a range of 30 47.7 kilometers!"

For the ePropulsion Pod Drive 3.0 EVO we recommend the following batteries:

  • 2x E40 (2048Wh lithium-ion battery) = 4096 Wh
  • 1x E80 (4096Wh lithium-ion battery) = 4096 Wh
  • 1x E175 (8960 Wh lithium-ion battery)
  • 4x 12 V third-party batteries (however, communication does not work with third-party batteries, so we do not recommend this)
Driving values 3 kW pod motor from ePropulsion

Battery from ePropulsion - Drive 3.0 EVO pod motor

Thanks to the uniform voltage of 48V, you can easily take your desired battery on board. This allows batteries to be connected in parallel and combined. Please pay attention to our information about the batteries used and make sure there is enough storage space.

The lithium-ion battery can also be quickly made roadworthy again, depending on the charger. The charger should be selected depending on the desired battery size. We would be happy to support you here in our free telephone consultation or with our digital advisor.
Electric motor for sailboats

The manufacturer ePropulsion - electric pod drives

ePropulsion is an innovative manufacturer of e-propulsion systems with the aim to further promote e-mobility in water sports. The idea was conceived by four young engineers in Hong Kong in 2012.

With the aim of making environmentally friendly, clean and quiet engines competitive, they have since designed numerous models, such as the Spirit 1.0 or the Navy 3.0. The engines have a top price-performance ratio.
Electric boat engines

Other information about ePropulsion pod drives

ePropulsion Technology Limited produces electric boat drives without gears and with a high-quality brushless DC motor. The motors are therefore extremely quiet and low maintenance. ePropulsion offers boat motors with a wide range of functions like GPS. Of course, there are also suitable lithium-ion batteries and chargers in the range.

The motors in elegant design combined with the powerful battery worries for a long-lasting performance. These are easy to handle, safe and technically up to date. They are therefore ideally suited for the entry into e-mobility on the water.
E-pod engine

Pod 3.0 Downloads

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Pod 3.0 Guide

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Pod 3.0 Drawing

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Pod 3.0 Flyer

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Pod 3.0 Warnings

Find matching components: New!

An electric propulsion system consists of three major parts: a motor, a battery and a charger. To correctly match these components is not an easy task, but we have developed a tool to solve this problem. Below you will find fitting components, as we would recommend them. Necessary parts are prechosen and marked with a green checkmark.

How does the order work?

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2. Delivery and installation

Within Germany the delivery time is 3-4 business days. Of course, you will also receive a tracking link to your order. Subsequently, we are always personally available for questions about the assembly for you. Of course we also provide instructions, hints and soon also explanatory videos.

3. Warranty and questions

For all products from our assortment we assume 2 years warranty - for some products even more. We are your contact in case of complaint, we will help you to ensure that everything is handled smoothly. You can always reach us by mail or phone. Also for possible spare parts you get support from us at any time. Your boat is our drive.

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