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WaterWorld 4.0 Inboard Electric

Input power: 4.4 kW




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4.699,00 €

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product description

Electric inboard motor with 4 kW power suitable for boats up to approx. 3 tons displacement or light planing boats. The motor with remote throttle control from WaterWorld can be regulated steplessly, is salt water resistant and has an on-board computer.

technical details

Input power

4.4 kW

comparable performance

8 PS


no shaft

shaft power

4 kW


48 V


24 Nm

rotations per minute

1450 rpm


39 kg

Noise level

almost silent


board computer with digital display

Speed control


saltwater resistant





not included

recommended boat weight

3000 kg

recommended boat length

6 m


558 mm


226 mm


219 mm

Safety with the WaterWorld 4.0 inboard

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    One of the most affordable electric inboard drives on the market.

  • +

    Future-proof. The used value of combustion engines is decreasing with increasing regulations and more environmental awareness. With an electric motor, you are on the safe side.

  • +

    Unbeatable price-performance ratio of WaterWorld inboard engines.

  • +

    Absolutely reliable. Long-term tested and proven technologies for your boat.

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    Thanks to the high-quality aluminium surface, it can also be used in salt water or in the sea air.

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    New: Even third-party batteries can be integrated into the display with the BatteryLink module (see configurator below). However, a very good setting of the shunt is important for this.

WaterWorld 4.0

Comfort with WaterWorld 4.0 inboard

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    Including a separate battery monitor: Very attractive design, easy operation, and various possibilities for individual adjustment.

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    Very quiet and clean. Practically no engine noise inside your boat. Of course also no exhaust fumes and emissions.

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    Stepless speed control: By precisely controlling the speed, the WaterWorld inboard offers excellent better control over the boat.

  • +

    WaterWorld motors are easy to maintain and update. The controller can be quickly updated and replaced if necessary.

  • +

    New: There is now also an app for Apple iOS. The app can be connected to the WaterWorld engine and thus displayed on the iPhone or iPad. It is also now possible to integrate the WaterWorld display into existing Simrad or Raymarine networks.

WaterWorld Inboard

WaterWorld 4.0 - Technical features

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    Very efficient motors for a long-range without additional batteries.

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    No gearbox that causes losses in efficiency or noise on board.

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    One unit for electric drive and controller. No water cooling necessary.

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    The motor is mounted directly on the existing shaft system.

  • We recommend having the installation carried out by a specialist. The installation is rather complex and should be adjusted in detail to your boat.

WaterWorld 4.0 boat engine

Application of WaterWorld 4.0

Are you used to driving with a diesel engine? Switching to our electric drive is easy and you don't have to make any concessions. As WaterWorld systems require little maintenance, switching to electric boats will pay off in the long run.

WaterWorld is a technology company at heart. greenboatsolutions as an official dealer can guarantee fast availability and offers individual advice. WaterWorld's e-drives complement the market drive portfolio in the low power range; in terms of price, the drives are right up there.

Motors from WaterWorld

The WaterWorld series

WaterWorld stands for the future world on water. WaterWorld offers propulsion systems for boats in various capacities. The drive systems can be used for various boats and ships on lakes, rivers and seas.

WaterWorld brings a high level of technical design and high-quality workmanship and makes an excellent impression.
4 kW inboard engine

Battery for the WaterWorld 4.0

WaterWorld electric motors range from 4 kW to 15 kW power. Some of the drives are still under development and in the long term, more options will certainly be added. WaterWorld has also been offering its own lithium batteries since the end of 2021. The batteries are specially designed for the drives and are technically extremely well designed.

However, the motors can also be combined with any lithium batteries. We are happy to recommend an individual drive system depending on the boat and range.

WaterWorld Battery

Information about the manufacturer WaterWorld

The company WaterWorld offers individual installation options. Especially visually, the inboards make quite an impression with their very simple and clean design. The workmanship also looks very high quality for the relatively low price.

The environmental idea plays an overriding role for the company from the Netherlands, also because, for example, Amsterdam will be switching completely to CO2-free shipping in the next few years. Production takes place by hand in the Netherlands.

WaterWorld Boat Propulsions

Further details: Design and usability

Particularly striking is the optically very attractive and large display for controlling the motors. On the one hand, WaterWorld is way ahead of most competitors in terms of appearance. On the other hand, the control unit also offers many setting options, which can be very interesting especially for the use of the battery.

WaterWorld 4.0 Downloads

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WaterWorld 4.0 Drawing

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WaterWorld brochure

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WaterWorld Guide

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WaterWorld Price List

Find matching components: New!

An electric propulsion system consists of three major parts: a motor, a battery and a charger. To correctly match these components is not an easy task, but we have developed a tool to solve this problem. Below you will find fitting components, as we would recommend them. Necessary parts are prechosen and marked with a green checkmark.

How does the order work?

1. Order and payment

Just click on "Add to cart". In the next step you enter your personal data and choose your preferred payment method. We as a dealer will check your order and send you an order confirmation and invoice. After receiving the payment, we will send the desired products (boat engine, battery, accessories) directly to the desired delivery address.

2. Delivery and installation

Within Germany the delivery time is 3-4 business days. Of course, you will also receive a tracking link to your order. Subsequently, we are always personally available for questions about the assembly for you. Of course we also provide instructions, hints and soon also explanatory videos.

3. Warranty and questions

For all products from our assortment we assume 2 years warranty - for some products even more. We are your contact in case of complaint, we will help you to ensure that everything is handled smoothly. You can always reach us by mail or phone. Also for possible spare parts you get support from us at any time. Your boat is our drive.

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