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e'dyn Marine 100 160 inboard boat

Input power: 100 kW


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product description

Electric inboard motor with 100 kW power, suitable for boats up to approx. 50 tons of displacement or gliding boats. The e'dyn Marine remote-controlled engine is continuously variable, saltwater resistant and has an on-board computer.

technical details

Input power

100 kW


no shaft


249 V

rotations per minute

3000 rpm


126 kg

Noise level

almost silent


board computer with digital display

Speed control


saltwater resistant





not included

Safety with the e'dyn Marine 100 160

  • +

    One of the most modern electric inboard drives on the market.

  • +

    Thanks to the high-quality aluminum surface, it can also be used in saltwater or in the sea air.

  • +

    Future-proof. The used value of combustion engines is decreasing with increasing regulations and more environmental awareness. With an electric motor you are on the safe side.

  • +

    The unbeatable premium models of e'dyn Marine inboard engines are in the upper price range.

  • +

    Absolutely reliable and robust. Long-term tested and proven technologies with long service life.

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    Specially designed for top speeds.

edyn Marine 100 160

Comfort with e'dyn Marine 100 160

  • +

    Very quiet and clean. Little engine noise and vibration inside your boat.

  • +

    Stepless speed control: By precisely controlling the speed, the e'dyn Marine inboard offers excellent better control over the boat.

  • +

    Few to no wearing parts in the motor ensure an almost maintenance-free electric drive.

  • +

    Of course also free of exhaust gases and emissions.

  • +

    Relatively low weight for easy handling onboard.

e'dyn Marine inboarder

Technical features of e'dyn Marine 100 160

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    Very efficient motors with an efficiency of over 90% for a long-range.

  • +

    Integrated is a monochrome LCD display (128x64mm). Modern, simple design with easy operation.

  • +

    The motor is mounted directly on the existing shaft system.

  • +

    Instantly available torque and high speed, ideal for gliding boats.

  • +

    The complete packages consist of electric motor, battery, charger, display and elegant drive lever.

  • We recommend having the installation carried out by a professional. The installation is rather complex and should be adjusted in detail to your boat.

e'dyn Marine 100 160 boat engine

Application of e'dyn Marine 100 160

e'dyn stands for Electric Dynamic Nautics and offers propulsion systems for boats in different variations and power ratings. e'dyn electric motors ranging from 4.3 kW to 150 kW.

The drive systems can be used on various ships on lakes, rivers and seas. e'dyn brings a high degree of innovation and decades of experience at a professional level.
Engines from e'dyn Marine

Battery for the e'dyn Marine

The lithium batteries range from 8 kWh to 15 kWh per 48 V battery pack and can be combined in any way. The cells are characterized by a lightweight, a relatively high discharge depth and a high discharge current.

In addition, the batteries are maintenance-free, leak-proof, fast charging and splash-proof.
e'dyn Marine Battery

Info about the manufacturer e'dyn Marine

The company e'dyn offers individual installation possibilities. Especially optically, the outboards and also the batteries in a modern design and high-quality workmanship make a good impression.

The environmental thought and the cleanliness of the waters have a significant influence on the development of the drives.
e’dyn Marine

Further details

greenboatsolutions is an official distributor of the manufacturer E'dyn Marine (Podkrižnik d.o.o.) from Slovenia. You can order your new e'dyn e-motor directly from us. Within a few days, the motor is ready for shipment and will be sent to your home.

e'dyn electric motors | Advice, prices and installation | If required, we can arrange a service partner for the installation of your e'dyn shaft systems free of charge.
Electric boat engines e'dyn Marine

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An electric propulsion system consists of three major parts: a motor, a battery and a charger. To correctly match these components is not an easy task, but we have developed a tool to solve this problem. Below you will find fitting components, as we would recommend them. Necessary parts are prechosen and marked with a green checkmark.

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