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E-Tech Inboard Electric 10 kW

Input power: 10 kW




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product description

Electric inboard with remote steering from E-Tech. The power of 10 kW is suitable for boats up to about 10 tons displacement. The E-Tech electric motor is extremely high quality and absolutely quiet.

technical details

Input power

10 kW

shaft power

10 kW


no shaft


48 V

Noise level

almost silent


board computer with digital display

Speed control


saltwater resistant





not included

trimming mechanism


tilting mechanism


Safety thanks to electric boat drives from E-Tech

  • +

    Very long service life.

  • +

    Seawater resistant and waterproof aluminum housing.

  • +

    Bluetooth connectivity allows connection to a controller for displays such as speed.

  • +

    Complete sets with all relevant parts. No additional costs.

  • +

    The manufacturer guarantees for 24 months for private use and for 12 months for commercial use.

Boat engine electric 10 kW

Comfort in operating your E-Tech boat engine

  • +

    Almost maintenance-free, as no carbon brushes are installed in the motor.

  • +

    Absolutely economical in consumption.

  • +

    Distinctive installation instructions.

  • +

    The motors are also powerful generators. On sailboats, the battery is charged during the journey.

  • +

    Including joystick, ignition lock, engine control, control cable, cooling, main switch, fuse, manual.

  • Hybrid setup possible with all engines.

10 kW boat engine E-Tech

Technical details of E-Tech

  • +

    State-of-the-art technology for high efficiency and economy. (Diagram)

  • +

    Highest standard: BLDC motors (permanent magnet, synchronous motor)

  • +

    Easy installation. Can be adapted to any propeller shaft.

  • +

    Motor foundation can be used universally.

  • +

    Water cooling. Quick-Click connection for the cooling hoses.

  • Optional: charger, shore power connector, screw, extension cable.

  • A matching joystick is available for dual motorization.

E-Tech 10 kW

Batteries and range of E-Tech

Information on the range of the engine can not yet be made due to missing data, but are already in planning. For questions about the range use our inputs or contact us! We calculate this individually for you!

E-Tech currently works mainly with cheaper AGM batteries, which have a special Deep-Cycle Technologoie. In addition, the range also includes long-life and high-quality lithium-ion batteries from the company ACES.
Boat engine E-Tech

E-drives from manufacturer E-Tech

E-Tech is a Polish manufacturer of electric boat motors. E-Tech works mainly with permanently excited brushless synchronous motors. The motors are very compact, absolutely quiet and maintenance-free.

. The motors are also suitable as generators or can be optimally used in a hybrid system. The battery can also be recharged in a sailboat during the journey at sea (recuperation).

E-Tech boat engines

Innovations made in Poland

E-Tech's products range from outboards and inboards to pod motors. In addition, E-Tech also supplies propellers, batteries, chargers and control units.

. E-Tech works mainly with AGM batteries from Zenith with deep-cycle technology or with high-performance lithium batteries. The batteries are customized individually and on customer request.
Boat engine E-Tech

Find matching components: New!

An electric propulsion system consists of three major parts: a motor, a battery and a charger. To correctly match these components is not an easy task, but we have developed a tool to solve this problem. Below you will find fitting components, as we would recommend them. Necessary parts are prechosen and marked with a green checkmark.

How does the order work?

1. Order and payment

Just click on "Add to cart". In the next step you enter your personal data and choose your preferred payment method. We as a dealer will check your order and send you an order confirmation and invoice. After receiving the payment, we will send the desired products (boat engine, battery, accessories) directly to the desired delivery address.

2. Delivery and installation

Within Germany the delivery time is 3-4 business days. Of course, you will also receive a tracking link to your order. Subsequently, we are always personally available for questions about the assembly for you. Of course we also provide instructions, hints and soon also explanatory videos.

3. Warranty and questions

For all products from our assortment we assume 2 years warranty - for some products even more. We are your contact in case of complaint, we will help you to ensure that everything is handled smoothly. You can always reach us by mail or phone. Also for possible spare parts you get support from us at any time. Your boat is our drive.

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